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GA-22D wifi

£378.70 £312.00

Curved shaped aluminium heating with built-in thermostat system, with remote control.
Wifi Enabled


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  • High-end design, unique structure model
  • Big LED display with remote control
  • Over-heat safety protection
  • Curved shaped aluminium heating element
  • Wall mounted over 1.8 meter hanging height and have wide radiant warm flow.
  • Can be choose 5degC-45degC temperature setting.
  • Applicable for indoor and outdoor.
  • Suspended ceiling, wall mounted, splicing
  • Advantage: Comfortable, good for health, No smell, No light, No noise, No transformation
  • IP Rate: IP44
  • Dimensions: 978 x 310 x 65mm
  • Heated Area: 28~33 m2
  • 220~240V
  • 2200W


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