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It’s important to select the right power level (wattage) of heater for each room.  The bigger the room the greater the wattage you’ll need.  You can use the table below as an approximate guide on which heater is most appropriate for the size of room – simply multiply the length and width of the room to give the floor area.


Name of Heater Wattage Heated floor area (m2)
GA-10 1000W 13-15 m2
GA-12C 1200W 15-18m2
GA-20M  2000W 26-30m2
GA-22D 2200W 28-33m2
GA-24C 2400W 33-38m2


We recommend you also consider the ceiling height and level of insulation of the building.  Modern buildings with better insulation may require less wattage.  Rooms with poor insulation or high ceilings may require more.

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