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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are frequently asked questions often asked about understanding Far Infrared Heating.

What does “Infrared” mean?

The term infrared means beyond red. Red is the colour of the longest wavelength of visible light. Infrared light has a longer wavelength than this, so it’s light we cannot see.

What does “Far Infrared’ mean?

Far Infrared is a region of the infrared spectrum with a wavelength that is considered to be safe and healthy. Far-infrared emits energy purely in a form felt by humans as comfortable warmth.

The wavelength of energy radiated by our heaters matches the far infrared thermal energy we receive from sunlight.

Typically, people think of radiation as a harmful thing, but the warmth you feel from the sun’s rays is infrared heat radiation, and it is entirely safe.

Infrared heating might be new technology to you, but it’s getting us back to nature – to natural sunlight.  Have you noticed that as you step from the shadows into bright sunlight, that you feel bathed in warmth? This is true even on a chilly frosty morning!  The air temperature might be cold, but you feel warm – bathed in the sunlight.  What you’re feeling is the infrared energy of the sun.   It has not heated the air as much as it has directly warmed YOU!

How Does Far Infrared Heating Work?

Green Acorn Far Infrared Heaters produce exactly the same, gentle, warming infrared energy that the sun produces.  It doesn’t try to heat the air directly but the energy warms surfaces and people. These surfaces then gently warm the surrounding air creating a more natural warmth coming from every direction – from walls, windows, floors, and ceiling.

From wherever you choose to position the heating panel, infrared waves of energy radiate out until they gently collide with an object in the room – a table, a chair or a person, warming them up.  That’s why they’re called radiant heaters… they radiate energy and gently warm YOU!

Far Infrared Heating vs. Traditional Convection Heating?

Neat stylish infrared heaters are a far cry from the old style of cumbersome radiators that occupy long stretches of your walls with the accompanying pipe-work that creaks, hisses and gurgles through the winter evenings!

Traditional radiators are trying to heat the air up in a room.  There’s a lot of air in a room and it’s hard work to heat it – consuming vast amounts of energy – think of those utility bills, direct debits!

Green Acorn infrared heaters use a fraction of the energy of conventional radiators plumbed to a boiler.  By heating objects and surfaces in the room with safe, warming infrared energy, these in turn gently heat the air around them.

Old-style convection heaters cause hot air to rise and circulate around the room – a lot of the heat you are paying for is rising up to the ceiling.  This air movement causes dust, dirt, germs and mites to be stirred up and circulated around – aggravating issues for people with respiratory concerns such as asthma or allergies.  There are no such problems with Green Acorn infrared heaters as natural, radiant heat comes from all directions as the infrared rays rebound off walls and surfaces without moving the air.

Is it Safe? (especially for children, those suffering from respiratory illness, etc)

But isn’t sunlight bad for us?  Well yes and no…

Think about sunlight, split out to all the colours of the rainbow.  You have two ends of the spectrum.

  • On top of the rainbow is RED. Above that, invisible to our eyes, is the infrared range – at the far end of which is the gentle, safe, warming and healing energy of Far Infrared
  • Underneath the rainbow is VIOLET. Below this end of the spectrum are the harsh, damaging rays of Ultra Violet and X-Rays.

Green Acorn’s infrared heaters uses a natural and safe infrared radiation to heat objects and people. It specifically mimics the gentle warming rays of the Sun, without the harmful forms of radiation.

Infrared heating systems are so much better for people with asthma or other respiratory concerns or allergies because they don’t cause dust and microbes to be swept up and circulated around the room.

Our bodies are designed to receive and give out energy in the form of infrared.  We emit infrared (that’s why infrared cameras can detect us in the darkness!).  And we absorb infrared – warming us up and penetrating the tissues below the skin.  Infrared has actually been shown to improve circulation of oxygen-rich blood in the body, promotes faster healing of tissues and relieving pain. Hence it is frequently used as a healing therapy.   Studies are beginning to show the beneficial effect on chronic health concerns – for example high blood pressure, congestive heart disease, dementia, type II diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and even the common headache[1].  It’s all round good for us!

[1] https://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/consumer-health/expert-answers/infrared-sauna/faq-20057954

How cost efficient can it be?

Recognised by the Carbon Trust, Green Acorn infrared heaters will save you energy, lowering your carbon footprint.  It’s great for your pocket and great for the environment too!

With no moving parts, no pipework, no fluids running through a complex the system and a much more efficient operating design, infrared heaters will cut your energy bills by at least 50% and sometimes much more.

A simple comparison would be:

If you spend £120 to run your gas or oil powered conventional heating, you can expect to spend about £50 to heat the same room for the same period of time using Green Acorn infrared heaters.

Is it simple to install?

Green Acorn infrared heaters need only a supply of electricity and a place high up and out of the way to position them.   A few screws in the wall or ceiling to mount the unit; plug in to your regular power supply and you’re away!

Some of our newer models can connect directly to a wireless thermostat, managed via an APP from a smart phone or smart device.

Is it simple to maintain?

With no moving parts and no water plumbed through and no need to connect to a boiler of any sort you can say good-bye to annual servicing of your heating system.  Green Acorn infrared heaters are closed units, sealed to a high specification to protect the internal electrical components from moisture or dust.  (IP 44 for the technical people reading this!)  We don’t recommend it, but little splashes of water or moisture will not affect the units at all.

Just wipe clean whenever you’re dusting the shelves!  Maintenance doesn’t come much easier than that!

Natural. Energy Efficient. No Maintenance. Low Carbon.